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Our Therapies

therapeutic massage
Swedish Massage - Classic massage with long, gliding strokes creating deep relaxation while improving circulation, aiding in lymphatic flow and liberating tight, tense muscles.

Deep Tissue - Specific techniques and focused pressure on the deeper layers of muscle tissue directed towards specific muscle groups, with intent to release restricted movement due to pain or injury. This is typically not a full body massage.

rolling stones
Be transported into nature's company as warm smooth stones impart a deep soothing heat encouraging your muscles to melt. Aromatic lotion is used to stimulate the senses and allow the stones to glide effortlessly, allowing for a feeling of internal warmth, balance and deep relaxation.

A gentle touch facilitating settling down, unwinding and letting go from the inside out. Beneath the chaos lies a sense of ease and calmness. lt is stillness and well being where health and vitality originate.

Regenerative healing energy is kindled with the use of energized crystalline tools of the Great Light of Genesis. Distant healing can also be facilitated with this subtle yet powerful force.

pregnancy massage
Lending your body for this precious new life is a major adjustment for your systems. Tucked in and supported with soft pillows will allow the expectant mother to relax comfortably as a gentle massage carries her into a unified whole. Available after your first trimester.

Therapeutic treatment applied to the feet, hands or ears. Pressure applied using thumb, fingers and hands to reflex areas corresponding to different parts of the body clearing congestion, and restoring balance.

treat your feet
Soothe your aching feet and revive your entire body with this scrumptious combination of Japanese stone foot massage and reflexology. This treatment will relax yet energize using heat, pressure and gentle stretches.

awaken your inner aha
A soothing neck, scalp and face massage followed by hand and foot massage and gentle reflexology.

Take Five Express
Benefit from an effective shoulder and back massage with the convenience of a brief visit.

Heaven and Earth
Craniosacral therapy combined with a grounding vigorous touch.

Back to Nature
Rolling Stones combined with classic massage techniques.

Up, Down and All Around
Like the physical body, the energetic body holds tension and imbalances. lntegrate your whole self with Healing Touch or Reiki coupled with a 30 minute Swedish massage.

Lauren Berry Method
Muscle Management® is about managing muscles, tendons, and skeleton by means of respecting and responding to the vital role muscles play in our bodies overall well-being.

Oncology Massage
Rx massage that is adapted and tailored to your medical needs using acupressure, reflexology, lymph drainage and ayurvedic oil. Clinical Research shows that Oncology Massage is safe and beneficial for people living with cancer or have a history of cancer.

Ultra thin disposable needles stimulate bundles of nerves below the skin and create a powerful physiological effect. Messages are sent to the brain to increase circulation, improve immune function, produce endorphins, seratonin, growth hormones and other chemicals that help us feel better and heal much faster. Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine also available for improved health.


Aromatic essential oils can be added to any of our therapies by request with no extra charge.

Please note that not all therapists perform all therapies, therefore call ahead to arrange for the best time and modality of your choice.

You are encouraged to arrive a few minutes early prior to your scheduled appointment. We appreciate advanced notice of your cancellation.

Gift Certificates are available and make the ideal present.

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